DIY Teabralabra

Published July 30, 2010 by tianateaparty

I am so obsessed with vintage tea cup, plates, napkins.   Love, love, love it!  When I saw this candelabra on  it was inspiration abound.  Being able to incorporate candles and flowers into a single centerpiece, will make for a spectacular focal point on any table.  Check out the picture and then my inspirations on how you can make your teabralabra uniquely yours.

a diy centerpieceIdeas for your candelabra

1.  Instead of tea cups use tall votives, the varying heights will provide random lighting.

2.  String crystal strands from each candelabra arm.

3.  Hang ornaments from the candelabra arms.

4.  Wrap feather boa throughout the candelabra.

5.  Fill clear cups with candy for a colorful candy buffet.

6. Fill clear cups with floating  fish to create a visual marine escape.

7. Fill clear glass with fruits or nuts.

8. Just add you own twist to make it uniquely yours.


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