Halloween 2010

Published October 23, 2010 by tianateaparty

The NRF (National Retail Federation) anticipates that Halloween to reach $8.5 billion and says that the average person will spend $66.54 on Halloween related items.  So far I have spent that along on candy because I buy it, eat it and buy it again…it’s  never ending cycle right up till Halloween night when I would rather have treats for Halloweeners than get a trick from them lol!!!! Thats my excuse……and I am sticking to it.

The NRF breaks the  $66.54 down like this:

Costumes $23.37 (according to the NRF  will take up the largest portion of a person’s budget)

Candy $20.29 

$18.66 Decoration

$3.95 Greeting Cards

I wish those figures applied to my household, and I only have 1 school age child, and the costume along is $60.00.  Halloween is one of most favorite times to celebrate, enjoy my set created with polyvore.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN SEASON!

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010 by

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