Cake Tables: The Worst

Published January 10, 2011 by tianateaparty

We have all been to parties and weddings where the cake table is on a huge table, surrounded by nothing else.  I always wonder did they run out of money,or did they just not give enough thought to decorating the cake table.  I have identified 3 tables in my opinion of the worst, good , and the absolute  best look, for a cake table decoration.  On todays post we are going to look at the worst with my comments.  Tomorrow I will comment on the good.  So stay tuned!

The Worst:

Blah, Blah, Blah……I just don’t understand.  There is an attempt to do something creative by having the two tone table cover, and the table is in proportion to the cake.  This is what I would do to improve on this cake table.  First, I would pin-up the black table-cloth and add some red beads where the pin-up shows on the white tablecloth.  Second I would add a few red roses in small silver vases.  Third have a crystal picture frame of the guests of honor.  And last I would have either red rose petals of red gems on the table top.  There are so many other options, they could have added a red wine bucket, cake/knife server set, candles, they could have added a red ribbon to the sides of the cake, or added more flowers to the cake and then add a red cake topper, the decoration options are limitless.



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