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Cake Tables: The Best

Published January 15, 2011 by tianateaparty

These cake tables need no commentating,  enjoy the pics to get inspiration for your cake table decoration.


Cake Table: The Good,not great just good

Published January 11, 2011 by tianateaparty

Yesterday, I commented on a cake table that was just BAD, today I have commented on a good table, and tommorow I will have pics of great cake tables.  Whoever designed this table was really trying to make an effort, but it’s just a little too much of the same thing which makes it very boring.  Upon first glance I would think, ” oh pretty flowers”, but if this is the cake table, then the cake needs to be the highlight in my opinion.

This is what I would have done different.  They needed a higher cake or lower floral centerpieces, and then lose the books, they look out-of-place on this table. With the cake being white I would have went with a colored table cover, and then spread the roses out better and get rid of those vessels with words on them.  The smaller candle holders should have been in color also.  One other thing I would have added a colorful backdrop to frame out the table.  This table had potential but the planner got too carried away and lost focus on what is most important on a cake table the cake.

Cake Tables: The Worst

Published January 10, 2011 by tianateaparty

We have all been to parties and weddings where the cake table is on a huge table, surrounded by nothing else.  I always wonder did they run out of money,or did they just not give enough thought to decorating the cake table.  I have identified 3 tables in my opinion of the worst, good , and the absolute  best look, for a cake table decoration.  On todays post we are going to look at the worst with my comments.  Tomorrow I will comment on the good.  So stay tuned!

The Worst:

Blah, Blah, Blah……I just don’t understand.  There is an attempt to do something creative by having the two tone table cover, and the table is in proportion to the cake.  This is what I would do to improve on this cake table.  First, I would pin-up the black table-cloth and add some red beads where the pin-up shows on the white tablecloth.  Second I would add a few red roses in small silver vases.  Third have a crystal picture frame of the guests of honor.  And last I would have either red rose petals of red gems on the table top.  There are so many other options, they could have added a red wine bucket, cake/knife server set, candles, they could have added a red ribbon to the sides of the cake, or added more flowers to the cake and then add a red cake topper, the decoration options are limitless.


Trend Alert ~~~Cake Pops

Published August 10, 2010 by tianateaparty

We over here at Tiana Tea Party have a mean “sweet tooth”, so when we find a new sweet experience we are beyond excited.  My first experience with the “cake pop” phenom was at a media seminar where cake pops were supplied by Wahl Flower Designs owner, Kay Wahl they are phenomenal!  If you want something different for your event, or colorful items to add to your dessert buffet these are dual purpose they look great and taste better.  Contact Kay @ 770-912-5734 and tell her you heard about her from Tiana Tea Party.

They come in awesome flavors red velvet….cheese cake….. YUMMY!

Custom Kayke (Cake) Pops


Published April 14, 2010 by tianateaparty

I took all of the cake decorating classes at Michael’s and guess what, I still do not do a great job baking or decorating cakes.  It seems so easy but trust me it is harder than it looks.  And as with many things , some things are best left to the professionals, I am resigned to “stay in my lane”; event planning. 

I found the following cake while surfing the web complete with instructions!  I can imagine it going well with a carnival theme (I am stuck on carnival themes these days!)  Anyway check it out:

how to: rainbow cake!

For instructions: