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Gift Guide: “A Gift for Her”

Published December 8, 2010 by tianateaparty

Every Christmas season I find a  break out gift that is something that all women will enjoy and love.  This Christmas season in the gift for her category I found the Chanel gift set that is sold at Bloomingdale’s.  It has been running in and out  stock ever since it was first listed in the Bloomingdale’s catalogue.

Actually there are 2 sets, a nailpolish set and a lip gloss set.  I like the lipgloss set best because you really get a lot for the price;  a Chanel makeup bag, 2 lip glosses, lip liner, and a pencil sharpener!  all that for $51.00 ! Priceless!   The perfect gift for her, the right price, functional, and it screams CLASS!