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The 16 days of Gifts for a “Sweet Sixteen Birthday”

Published December 8, 2010 by tianateaparty

A while ago I posted about my daughters upcoming Sweet Sixteen party and that I would be updating the blog with details. Well, my daughters birthday came but we postponed the blow out party due to it being so close to the holidays , her Dad traveling out of the country and many of the guests are traveling from out of town,  so we pushed the date out till February. My teenager was not happy about that at all! But she got over it soon at least she is having a party.

I asked her what would she prefer 16 gifts on one day or 16 gifts over the course of 16 days, she choose 16 gifts over the course. It was fun at first for me but then I realized that it was getting expensive and even hard to come up with creative items to wow a teen-ager. I was glad when those 16 days were over!

I thought it would be cool to share with my blog readers the gifts that spanned the 16 days.

Sperry Gold Topsiders

IMoshion Tobin Convertible Clutch

African Princess Sweet Sixteen

Published September 18, 2010 by tianateaparty

See full size imageI am in the process of planning my daughters sweet sixteen, well actually we have been planning it since last year, but we are in the process of putting it all together and finalizing the details.  I will keep you all posted with all the fabulous details.  Stay tuned!


Published April 13, 2010 by tianateaparty

What is Harajuku?  Many of us have heard of it from Gwen Stephani, but where did it originate from?

From Wikipedia:  Harajuku is also a fashion capital of Japan renowned for unique street fashion.[2] Harajuku street style is promoted in Japanese and international publications such as Kera, Tune, Gothic & Lolita Bible and Fruits. Many prominent designers and fashion ideas have sprung from Harajuku and incorporated themselves into other fashions throughout the world. Harajuku is also a large shopping district.

Every Sunday in Japan, young people dressed in a variety of styles including gothic lolita, visual kei, and decora, as well and spend the day in Harajuku socializing. The fashion styles of these youths rarely conform to one particular style and are usually a mesh of many. Most young people gather on Jingu Bridge, which is a pedestrian bridge that connects Harajuku to the neighboring Meiji Shrine area. [1]

Harajuku Inspiration: