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Hot Toy for Christmas 2010

Published September 17, 2010 by tianateaparty

Last year Google predicted the hot toy of 2009 and they were right.  Toy analysts are betting on Google again this year to predict the hot toy of this holiday season.  Google bases their information on their trend spotting tool.  Well here it is the “IT Toy” for Christmas 2010.  Its made by Hasbro and its called, “Nerf Stampede” its their latest version of dart blasters.  Ok then……


DIY: Happy Meal Wreath

Published September 12, 2010 by tianateaparty

It always happens…you hold on to things then you finally make the decision to throw it out then you find a use of the item.  This is how I felt when I saw the DIY Happy Meal Wreath at the Infarrantly Creative blog.   I had hundreds of happy meal toys that I always felt that I could use at some point then I finally threw them out.  They say that you can get a bag fulls of toys at the Goodwill store for $1.99.  I just might take a trip over there, pick up some toys and make  my own wreath. 

Check out their website for full instructions.