Swapnista Fashion Event

Published January 10, 2011 by tianateaparty

SWAPNISTA: The Fashion Swap Party I while back I posted an article about hosting a swap party.  I though it was an excellent idea for many reasons;  1. Shopping, 2. New Cloths 3. Low Price and 4. the Eco-Green element.  I never got around to planning my party but I will be attending the Swapnista Fashion Swap Party January 22nd, 2011, it will be a fun filled afternoon shopping, drinks, appetizers, beauty service all for $15 per ticket, 2 for $20 and for a great cause Operation Prom to help young girls with a formal for prom and other formal events.

Swap bucks awarded based on the following chart:

Economy Brands- (Target, Kmart, Walmart)= 1 swap buck

Mid-Level Brands- (Department Stores & Mall Brands)= 2 swap bucks

Designer Brands- (Coach, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole)= 3 swap bucks

Items are placed in Fashion Swap Boutique & priced based using the same chart.

Get your tickets here: http://fashionenvyevents.eventbrite.com/

See you there!


Free Food ~ Chic Fil A

Published January 5, 2011 by tianateaparty

ChickfilaI moved here to Atlanta from metro Chicago where we did not have Chick fil A.  One morning a co-worker came in with chicken minis for breakfast.  I was thinking who eats chicken in the morning?  Clearly thats a southern thang! lol, and I have to say I have been forever HOOKED! 

Chick fil is adding a new menu item to their line-up and is giving customers an opportunity to try it on them.  You will need to make a reservation at their website and take the print out to the restaurant on the day and time you reserve. 


New Party Ideas ~Games on the Spot

Published January 2, 2011 by tianateaparty

I wish this was around when my son was young, he loves video games and this would have been the perfect party idea for him.  Games on the Spot brings their service to you.  It’s a  Mobile Game Theater that features a state-of-the-art sound system and lighting, allowing up to 20 players to play simultaneously.  They have all the name brand gaming systems and even have a certified game coach to assist players.  How cool is that?!!!!!!  Contact them @http://www.gamesonthespot.com or call them @1-888-405-4687.  truck


New Products : Colored Bubbles

Published January 2, 2011 by tianateaparty

As a child whenever I ran out of  bubble of liquid,  I would always  make my own bubbles with dishwashing liquid ( I was always a creative type).  When I saw these colored bubbles I thought , “why didn’t I think of that”!   I love the idea of colored bubbles, it  just adds a fun element and statement into an event.    At this time it appears that the  bubbles only come in pink and blue.  The colored bubbles can be ordered at www.zubbles.com.  I’ll take a bottle of those in PINK!

Gift Guide: “A Gift for Teens” (girl)

Published December 9, 2010 by tianateaparty

My teen is a little diva so she appreciates anything that helps her keep her diva edge.  It is also very easy to shop for her, anything girly girl she  is with it.  Sephora has 2 items that are sure to excite a teen that you are shopping for. 

The first is 15 glosses, yes 15, for $29.00 , that’s roughly $2.00 per gloss.  They come and many colors, are a nice size, and goes on soft.  The second item is a little pricey both worth it,  18 mini polishes for $48.00.   Both items are sure to make your teen happy!

Good As Gold Lipgloss Collection ($165 Value)Eighteen Piece Mini Nail Colour Set ($81 Value)

Gift Guide: “A Gift for Her”

Published December 8, 2010 by tianateaparty

Every Christmas season I find a  break out gift that is something that all women will enjoy and love.  This Christmas season in the gift for her category I found the Chanel gift set that is sold at Bloomingdale’s.  It has been running in and out  stock ever since it was first listed in the Bloomingdale’s catalogue.

Actually there are 2 sets, a nailpolish set and a lip gloss set.  I like the lipgloss set best because you really get a lot for the price;  a Chanel makeup bag, 2 lip glosses, lip liner, and a pencil sharpener!  all that for $51.00 ! Priceless!   The perfect gift for her, the right price, functional, and it screams CLASS!

at Bloomingdales.com